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Quality Plan

To achieve the quality objectives, it is necessary to develop a specific quality assurance plan that will be applied from the planning of the project to the different implementation phases of the same. Only in this way we guarantee that the product meets the necessary characteristics to satisfy all the Information System’s requirements.

ISO9001 e ISO14001

We are certified quality system ISO9001 and ISO14001 which leads us to better serve our customers, obtaining a higher degree of satisfaction with the work performed, as well as improved environmental relationships, all based on the basic principles outlined in our policy of quality and safety. We are committed to continuous improvement.

UNE-ISO/IEC 27001 y 20000-1

Achieved in 2011 and 2015 respectively, it leads us to provide a service with greater safety and quality to our customers, committing ourselves to all users comply with regulations on information security and quality in the ICT services, implementing the necessary measures for compliance, all based on the basic principles outlined in our policy of quality and safety. Our commitment is the continued safety

The general approach by Metaenlace for the proper development of projects, passes through conceive the service to be provided as a comprehensive information system and not only focused on technological conception of it. 

Our services are supported by a technological approach of maximum performance, a functional architecture and a methodology of great capacity, a human contribution of great experience and to the implementation of the quality system of the company.

These four elements will make the service to be able to get more than the stated objectives, providing an efficient and effective computer system, which will enhance the information and identity of the Services combines, and thereby achieving a better coordination of actions, data and interventions.

What do we get?

The service as a whole will create a structured computer system consistently, which will significantly improve the planning, management, decision-making and use of resources of the organization.